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In 2006, the Governor Insurance Agency expanded into offering the broadest range of Equine/Farm/Ranch coverage's. Whether it be a small pleasure horse farm, commercial equestrian operation, small gentleman's farm or a large complex business farm; we can offer the most comprehensive coverage available today.

Equine Specialty coverage can include:

  • Mortality
  • Major Medical
  • Loss of use
  • Surgical
  • Accident, Sickness and Disease
  • Increased Mare Valuation
  • Substantiation of Value
  • Extended Renewal Protection


Term insurance for animals, similar to a life insurance policy, that will pay the agreed value of your horse if it dies from any accidental or natural causes. Includes Emergency Colic Surgery Expense at no additional charge on horses. The policy will pay this benefit even if the horse is stolen. While we specialize in coverage for horses, coverage can be provided for valuable animals including cattle, club calves, 4-H or FFA animals and alpacas.

Limited Animal Mortality Coverage

This is a limited term insurance policy for animals. This coverage covers the insured against a loss as a result of a stated variety of perils. Some of these perils include fire, lightening, windstorm, hail, theft, collision and upset while in transit, accidental shooting and drowning. This type of policy allows the animal to be insured against these stated perils at a discounted rate. This Limited Animal Mortality Coverage does not include such endorsements as listed below.

Major Medical

This is an endorsement to a mortality policy that helps control veterinarian fees for unforeseen events covering reasonable and customary medical and surgical expenses of a licensed veterinarian necessitated by an accident, injury, illness or disease. This includes the option to go up to $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000 in medical coverage and is applied to a basic mortality policy. There is a $250 deductible per claim on all medical claims.

Loss of Use

This is an endorsement to a mortality policy that protects the insured's investment in animals that are no longer able to fulfill their functions, yet do not need to be destroyed for humane reasons. This benefit pays out up to 60% of the insured value for horses.


This is an endorsement to a mortality policy that covers up to $5,000 of surgical expenses incurred to save the life of a covered animal when the surgery is required as a direct result of a covered accident, injury, sickness or disease.

Substantiation of Value

This in an endorsement to a mortality policy that allows the insured to increase the agreed value of an insured animal by providing information such as show/performance records, training records, stallion records, foal records or broodmare records. All of this information can be submitted and will be reviewed by an underwriter to determine an increased agreed value on the animal to be insured.

Extended Renewal Protection

This coverage permits the renewal of coverage on a designated animal without the need for a current veterinarian's health certificate if the renewal is for the same use.

Increased Mare Valuation

This coverage applies to a specifically listed covered mare to include the cost of the stud fee for a specific pregnancy. This endorsement will cover the mare during the term of her pregnancy and reduces the limit of insurance to a specified amount at the earliest of live birth, abortion, stillbirth or any other termination of the specified pregnancy.

Accident, Sickness, and Disease Coverage

This endorsement covers stallions that become incapable of servicing mares due to covered infertility, impotence, accident, injury, sickness or disease.

Equine Insurance

Equine Insurance

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